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AOT/YVIC meet and greet

Saturday, January 16, 2021
AOT/YVIC meet and greet

Brandon House values the voices of our urban youth who are no strangers to hardship and resilience within the inner-city and local Little Rock community. We recognize that this generation of youth has lived through some monumental and historical times. A global pandemic, police brutality, desensitizing media, political warfare, racial tensions, family destruction, inequity and education inequality are only some of circumstances that bombard our teenage youth in today's society. Believing that the arts have the power to translate, respond, and change the circumstances of any environment, we have designed a program, specifically for teenagers to research the issues that plague their communities, and respond to those issues in a creative and artistic way.

The Youth Voices Impact Change (YVIC) Project, funded by Arkansas Arts Council, engages youth, ages 13-18, in lending their voices and creative expressions to social concerns through the development of youth-produced multi-digital media and mixed artworks that address community issues. This project will be a filmed Talk Show that will capture interviews with local artists and special guests, footage of teens' involvement with the "Let Your Art Speak" Creative Artistic Sessions, focus group sessions with other teens, and live performances. Teens participating in the project should expect to be filmed.

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