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Who We Are


Brandon is only as successful as those who support the development, operation, and future expansion of the organization.  Our staff has a strong commitment to enriching the lives of our community residents through creative and performing arts.  Brandon House staff members are some of the most dedicated and passionate individuals who truly believe that the arts can transform lives. Staff believe that change happens when youth, young adults and community resident use their creative talents, diverse cultural abilities, and innovation to illuminate, educate and entertain to enrich the quality of life of diverse audiences.

Brandon House Staff

  • Dr. Pamela Bax
    Dr. Pamela Bax

    Executive Director 
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to encouraging youth and young adults to unleash their creativity, cultural expressions and innovative skills.
    So That:
    My impact can facilitate positive changes in the youth, their families and in their communities.

  • Dr. Patrice Bax
    Dr. Patrice Bax

    Director of Programs - Executive Producer & Promoter
    Contact information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to establishing creative and artistic experiences that spark change and progress in youth, young adults, and the community. 
    So That:
    My Impact will support innovation and transformation within the arts and culture of Arkansas. 

  • Celeste Akers
    Celeste Akers

    Youth Program Coordinator
    Contact information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to helping youth find their voices and allow them to explore and expand their mindset beyond their environment as they become purpose-driven through performing and creative arts.
    So That:
    My impact can see the youth come back into their communities as productive and effective leaders ready to impact the next generation.

  • O’Brennan Moss
    O’Brennan Moss

    Youth Program Instructor
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to our children and our communities by bringing excellence into character-building and educational pursuits using cultural and performing arts so that our children and our communities can strive for higher goals to ensure our survival for the future
    So That:
    My impact will demonstrate the possibilities of males being educators on an elementary level to our children to help provide structure and a sense of self-worth for youth to embrace who and what they are, and to know that they have a purpose. With high standards of education and socialization, we collectively can and will make a huge impact on our future generation.

  • Kristen Smith
    Kristen Smith

    Prevention Coordinator of Arts Over Tobacco Program
    Contact Information:

    My Why: Contribute to the personal development of the mind, heart and soul through the exploration of the cultural and performing arts, so that healing and growth can take place within the individuals that need it most.
    So That: My impact will plant and nurture seeds of respect, renewal and revolution that will grow and provide new life for generations to come.

  • Dion Bax
    Dion Bax

    Music Studio Technician & Sound Engineer

    My Why: Creating dreams and watching the dreams come true is the main reason I work at Brandon House.
    So That: I can teach others what I've learned from working at BH - not only about my dreams but others as well.

  • Marliyah Gilmore
    Marliyah Gilmore

    Resource & Program Specialist
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to pushing youth into their success by showing them that hard work and dedication is essential to their growth.
    So That:
    My impact is seeing our youth reach their full potentials so that they can give back to their community.  

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