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Who We Are


Brandon is only as successful as those who support the development, operation, and future expansion of the organization.  Our staff has a strong commitment to enriching the lives of our community residents through creative and performing arts.  Brandon House staff members are some of the most dedicated and passionate individuals who truly believe that the arts can transform lives. Staff believe that change happens when youth, young adults and community resident use their creative talents, diverse cultural abilities, and innovation to illuminate, educate and entertain to enrich the quality of life of diverse audiences.

Brandon House Staff

  • Dr. Pamela Bax
    Dr. Pamela Bax

    Executive Director 
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to encouraging youth and young adults to unleash their creativity, cultural expressions and innovative skills.

    So That:
    My impact can facilitate positive changes in the youth, their families and in their communities.

  • Paul Bax
    Paul Bax

    Director of Finance
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    I love music and I love art. I work at Brandon House to embellish the expression of both.

    So That:
    I can do all I can do to support the Arts!

  • Dr. Patrice Bax
    Dr. Patrice Bax

    Director of Programs - Executive Producer & Promoter
    Contact information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to establishing creative and artistic experiences that spark change and progress in youth, young adults, and the community. 

    So That:
    My Impact will support innovation and transformation within the arts and culture of Arkansas. 

  • Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones

    Director of Events, Meetings and Venue
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    To coordinate, host and facilitate award-winning events.

    So that:
    Brandon House can be known as a state of the art facility that spot-lights local artists, talents, and entrepreneurs from multicultural backgrounds.

  • Celeste Akers
    Celeste Akers

    Director of Administration & HR
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to helping youth find their voices and allow them to explore and expand their mindset beyond their environment as they become purpose-driven through performing and creative arts.

    So That:
    My impact can see the youth come back into their communities as productive and effective leaders ready to impact the next generation.

  • Dion Bax
    Dion Bax

    Production Manager

    My Why:
    Creating dreams and watching the dreams come true is the main reason I work at Brandon House.

    So That:
    I can teach others what I've learned from working at BH - not only about my dreams but others as well.

  • Ashley Alexander
    Ashley Alexander

    Program Coordinator Arts Over Tobacco Activities & Special Events
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to helping, inspiring and being a positive influence to the youth and young adults in the community. By giving them opportunities, events, knowledge and support that shines a light on their gifts and talents.

    So That:
    They are able to walk in their God given gifts and talents with support, love and full confidence.

  • Allan Boston
    Allan Boston

    Videographer & Event Center Auxiliary Support
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    To let the youth know that they do not have to worry about outside opinion in order to accomplish their dream!

    So That:
    Their creative blood flows and allows them to meet their goals.

  •  Jalache Davis
    Jalache Davis

    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    Contribute to the development of creative forms of self-exploration and expression.

    So That:
    My impact can help underserved and underdeveloped communities aspire to have a safe space to uncover, understand and overcome the disadvantages they encounter.

  • Amiracle Ross
    Amiracle Ross

    BH Facilitator - DreamStarters

  • Darique Walton
    Darique Walton

    AmeriCorps VISTA Member - Videographer & Event Center Auxiliary Support
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    To give another perspective in infinite possibilities

    So That:
    They use every aspect of creativity to accomplish every obstacle

  • Damen Tolbert
    Damen Tolbert

    Creative Career & Workforce Development Coordinator
    Contact Information:

    My Why:
    Educate youth on practical skills in multimedia production while preparing them for post-secondary educational success.

    So That:
    The next generation will be fully aware of their options of how to make a living through creative self-expression.

  • Troy Anderson
    Troy Anderson

    Executive Producer

    My Why:
    To pour into the pool of the arts that inspire goodness and creativity!

    So That:
    Our communities can reap the benefit of another human being making an impactful contribution to the movement of positive change through the arts.

  • Dejon Weathersby
    Dejon Weathersby

    Studio Technician

    My Why: To spread my knowledge of film and audio production to others and collaborate with like-minded people.

    So that: We can maintain the consistency and chemistry of the group with any project we work on.

  • Akira Hudson
    Akira Hudson

    Marketing & Development Manager

    My Why: To push quality media and digital marketing as a positive and inspiring representation of the Brandon House

    So That: The need for creative outlets and safe spaces reaches those in need of representation.

  • Patrick Washington
    Patrick Washington

    Fall In Coordinator

    My Why: To establish a community of developed talent to thrive professionally using their talent.

    So That: People can provide for their families using their God-given gifts.

  • Carla Grant
    Carla Grant

    Administrative Support Specialist

  • Zola Tyiska
    Zola Tyiska

    Events Administrative Support

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