Brandon House Performing Cultural & Performing Arts Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Brandon House’s mission is transforming lives through creative and performing arts! Programs are designed to promote the development of artistic skills and talents of underserved youth and young adults and to transform these skills into a creative economy. Brandon House is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, ethnicity, and disability.

Brandon House Program Coordinator

Brandon House is accepting applications for the position of Program Coordinator with a closing date of January 31, 2024. The Coordinator will have primary responsibility for coordinating and implementing a variety of positive youth development programming that broadens creative abilities, support positive youth development, and promote cultural awareness of underserved youth by engaging the youth in activities related to career awareness and hands-on experiences in career pathways related to videography, photography, filmmaking, podcasting, and audio and music production activities.

  • Seeking a highly qualified, motivated and experienced individual to implement a BH program called Fall in Deep who is skilled in producing outcomes associated with increasing positive youth engagement activities and promoting college awareness or opportunities for youth to explore various trades, career skills building, military or entrepreneurship.
  • Have responsibility to expose middle and high school youth to arts-infused learning experiences as a way for the youth to address their personal, academic, social and emotional development needs and to prepare them to build skills for life through arts-based enrichment activities, mentoring support and youth entrepreneurship.
  • Will participate in team planning with mentors, volunteers, and interns to meet the goals of the program.
  • Will oversee the scheduling and coordination of program activities including the development of calendars, lesson plans, assessments and evaluation of the youth.
  • The successful Coordinator must have excellent facilitation and communication skills to facilitate, lead and supervise small and large group activities with youth.
  • The dynamic and energetic Coordinator plays a pivotal role in being a champion of change to effectively manage the implementation of new ideas for the program with strong problem-solving and leadership skills and the ability to interact with people and youth of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
  • The Coordinator must have personal qualities of integrity and credibility, and a commitment to and passion for Brandon House’s mission of transforming lives through creative and performing arts! Must be BH-compatible with a commitment to being flexible, adaptable and versatile (FAV) having the ability to be a team player and be a servant-leader to work flexible hours during the evening and during weekend programming.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, Administration, Education or Communication desired; but will consider years of experiences in a community-based or classroom setting.
  • The position is full-time and salary is aligned with experience and qualifications.

To apply: Before the COB January 22, 2024 submit to admin@brandonhousearts.org an electronic resume or Vitae, a cover letter that includes the following: statement of why you are interested in working at Brandon House, description of your experiences in working with underserved youth, experience in promoting positive youth activities and your experiences in serving in a coordinator’s role. Upload to the admin@brandonhousearts.org 1 letter of recommendation. If applicant meets qualifications, interviews will set up immediately for hiring date of February 1, 2024.


Brandon House Creative Expressions Dance Coordinator/Instructor

Brandon House is seeking to contract with an experienced individual who will coordinate the Brandon House Creative Expressions Dance Program to include: 1) coordinating and instructing fee-based dance classes inclusive of ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop for all levels; and 2) overseeing the choreography and performances for Brandon House rebranded non-competitive performance team.

  • Seeking an individual who has experience in establishing, setting up and managing fee-based dance classes for all levels including marketing, recruitment and instruction of the classes.
  • Energetic person will plan dance classes, coach students collectively, and offer individual guidance.
  • Responsible for choreography of dances, costume selections, and maintaining rehearsal schedules.
  • Will develop the performance schedules for fee-based classes with the goal to host summer, fall and winter recitals.
  • Will market, recruit team members [both male and females] and teach the non-competitive performance team to perform choreographed routines at BH signature events and community events.
  • Desire individual who has worked in a dance studio and is proficient in dance techniques.
  • Must be passionate about both dance and teaching and have excellent communication, organization, and leadership skills to work with a diverse group of individuals.
  • This position is contractual based on a negotiated hourly rate.

To apply: Before the COB Friday, January 31, 2024 submit to admin@brandonhousearts.org an electronic resume or vitae, a cover letter that includes the following: statement of why you are interested in the Creative Expressions Dance Coordinator/Instructor’s position. Describe your experience working with a dance program. If applicant meets qualifications, interviews will set up immediately for an immediate hire date.