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Go Live: Creative Soul Sessions

“Go Live” Live Music Broadcast was created as a platform for independent artists and Musicians who reside in Arkansas that have been affected by COVID-19. Many creative professionals in Arkansas heavily rely on performance opportunities to secure income. The “Go Live” Podcast is intended to provide a virtual space and airways to still be heard, recognized, and celebrated. Donations, subscriptions, and access fees will be accepted to support the Arkansas Artists Community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Check our our new Broadcast Go Live: Creative Soul Sessions, on Thursday & Saturdays !

 You can view the ARtists' interview and the performance on:

• Instagram: BrandonHouseLR

• Facebook Page:Brandon House Cultural & Performing Arts Center

• YouTube Channel: Brandon House


We end Season 1 of Go Live: Creative Soul Sessions with a season finale that pays tribute to one of the greats in pop culture and music history - Michael Jackson. To close out the season, Brandon House introduces FADED (Fulfilling All Dreams & Executing Destiny), a house band of talented musicians, arrangers, and audio experts who carefully crafted an arrangement to some of Michael Jackson's biggest hits.


Brandon House thanks everyone for their support this season and looks forward to Season 2 of Go Live. Make sure you go back and listen to the Go Live playlist to give a listen to Arkansas' own gifted artists, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay updated on the next season.


In an effort to support the Arkansas artist and musician community, Brandon House sponsors the Go Live: Creative Soul Sessions series to provide consistent resources and opportunities. This broadcast intends to highlight the talented performers and musicians who produce original music and deserve to be heard and respected. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, many artists have been challenged to find opportunities to market themselves and perform to sustain and advance their careers. “Go Live” offers a platform along with marketing and promotion tools valued at $550 that may help with showcasing original music across different platforms. 

  • As a part of "Go Live" Brandon House offers the following benefits to artists/performers/musicians who agree to participate: 
  • An Electronic Press Kit (3 page minimum)
  • 30 second - 1 minute Promo Video 
  • 1 Virtual Copy of the full-length episode that includes artist interview 
  • 1 Virtual Flyer to promote Artist Go-Live episode

These items will be available within 2 weeks of filming. Upon filming performers must sign a release allowing Brandon House to use all photos and videos for the purposes of marketing and promoting Brandon House programs. 

If you or someone you know would like to participate in the Go Live Series, please complete this form. A staff member will follow up with you within a 48 hour window. For more information, feel free to contact Director of Programs, Dr. Patrice Bax, via email at 

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